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Family Operated Duck Hunting Guide Service



Capt. Sam Lucarelli & Capt. Max Lucarelli

Season: November 28 2023- January 27 2024

Cape Cods primary duck species are Common Eider. We frequently harvest Common & Surf Scoter, Buffleheads, Old Squaw and Atlantic Brant. Depending on the weather and the amount of waterfowl in the area we may be able to offer other species such as Canada Geese and Black Ducks as well. We run three boats and hunt primarily from layout blinds on the beach to give you the best opportunity for success.

My brother Jim starting taking me duck hunting at a fairly young age where we grew up on the Jersey Shore. I started taking friends sea duck hunting around Chatham about 20 years ago with each trip ending with big smiles and comments that I should consider setting up a guide service. For more than a decade my primary vocation has been lobstering in the Outer Cape Cod Management area. This affords me a flexible schedule to allow custom tailoring for your hunt and an intimate knowledge of our primary hunting grounds. - Sam Lucarelli


If you are considering a guided hunt please give Capt. Max Lucarelli a call at 508.922.6002, or email me at to see if I can accommodate you.

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